Terms of Service

By submitting your payment, you are agreeing to the following terms of service:

General Terms for All Purchases

Payment is accepted in US Dollars by credit/debit card only, or by PayPal Credit.

There are no refunds given at any time.

Terms for Private Custom Packages

Payment and Refunds

A deposit is due prior to the start of work. The remaining balance is due in 3-5 equal payments charged monthly. There will be a $50 fee assessed if at any time your credit/debit card is declined.

Any package quoted at $500 or less may require payment in full prior to the start of the project.

We reserve the right to withhold delivery of your custom website, graphics and other business tech until payment has been made in full. There are no refunds given at any time.

Start Date and Timeframe

Your start date will be determined after your initial deposit is processed.

We strive to provide timely service to all my clients, however, all timeframes given are estimates.

Please also refer to the Awesome Tech Action Plan email you received for project expiration dates specific to your private custom package.


You agree that all communication will be done via email, unless you have purchased a private coaching package.

Once your project start date arrives, you must be available via email as much as possible in order to complete the project in a timely matter. It is likely that a few quick back and forth emails will be necessary. If your response is delayed, your project will move to the end of the project calendar. If you know you will be on vacation or will be away from your computer, please let Heather know prior to your start date.

If Heather does not hear from you within four (4) weeks of my last email, you will be removed from the project calendar completely and will forfeit your payment. You will not be entitled to any deliverables from us if you are removed from the project calendar.

Content and Images

You will deliver content and images for your project via the shared Dropbox folder we will create for you. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the right to use any and all content and images you give us. We are not liable or responsible for any content or image you provide.


You are required to provide Heather and the tech team access to any hosting, domain, and/or WordPress account information along with usernames and passwords for the sole purpose of installing and testing the website. In most instances, usernames and passwords for other accounts may be needed in order to access special features on your site. We strongly urge you to change your passwords once your project has been completed.

Private Coaching Policies

Please refer to the Policies & Procedures document you received.

Our Promise

We use the best systems we can (within the scope of the package you purchased) to ensure the stability, functionality and security of your website and other business tech. Your website will be built on WordPress with a premium theme, Thesis. Many other functions are provided by third-party plugins (ex: BulletProofSecurity), your hosting company (ex: Bluehost), email marketing system (ex: AWeber), shopping carts (ex: PayPal) and social media systems (ex: Facebook).

For the 30 days following completion of your private custom package, you may contact us about anything that doesn’t seem to be working properly. After 30 days, we advise you to contact the third-party service provider of the problematic system in question. Things are always changing, and we cannot be held responsible for functions that stop working due to unexpected changes by the third-party provider.

For example, if you have PayPal buttons installed, these rely upon code supplied by PayPal. Should they make changes to their systems that disrupt functionality on your website, you might hire me or another expert, to update your site to comply with those changes.

For the 60 days following completion of your private custom package, you may contact us for any problem that arises related directly to WordPress or Thesis. This complimentary service does not apply to problems caused by changes you, or a person you hired, made.

In the case of problems caused by you or another tech, please contact Heather about our rates and availability, and we’ll be happy to help if we can.

After Project Completion

Your Responsibility

The systems used to build your website and other business tech are being updated all the time. For best functionality – as well as security – of your systems, you must keep up with all updates. Failing to update your version of WordPress and installed plugins regularly can leave your site vulnerable to hackers. Should this happen, contact your hosting company for further information. We recommend Sucuri.net for malware cleanups.

We recommend changing your passwords after project completion, and on a regular basis. Choose strong passwords that include upper and lower case letters, numbers and special symbols (where allowed), and are at least 8 characters long.

Should you choose to hire a new tech team at some point in the future, be sure they are experts using the Thesis framework. It’s a high-end and well-regarded premium theme, so you can find many experts who know it. However, there are just as many people who will assume it’s like any other WordPress theme, and claim to know how to customize it, and may cause irreparable damage to the look and function of your website.

Good to know: many of our clients enroll in a Monthly Success Plan which, among other things, ensures all of your systems, including your custom website, is maintained and updated regularly. Contact Heather for more information.


Although we take every necessary measure to prevent problems, there is a possibility your entire site could be lost. It is your responsibility to have a back-up of your database as well as a back-up of all files. Should the worst happen, we are not liable if your site is lost.

A back-up plugin has been installed on your website, and it is your responsibility to ensure it is functioning properly. You may also contact your hosting provider to learn more about backing up your website and database.

Please note: terms are subject to change.