Mamas, I’m Here to Support Your Business Online!

If you’re a Mom and a health coach or wellness pro feeling held back by all the tech stuff your business needs and you keep spending hours and hours wondering how to get going then I may be able to help!

You’re not alone.

For years I watched my fellow health coach friends and colleagues struggle with something I found relatively easy. Over time, it stopped them from doing their life’s work: helping people be healthy and happy. Makes me crazy to see this, so I’m doing something about it.

Of course you feel overwhelmed.

Want to know a secret? This tech stuff IS confusing! There’s an enormous amount of tech know-how to learn and lots of different systems to keep track of when you’re trying to do it all yourself. It’s a whole new language.

Heather Cottrell, Business Coach Virtual Assistant for Health Coaches Wellness Practitioners

And guess what? It’s not your fault. You’re not supposed to know it all.

You start out as a coach thinking you’ll do it all yourself and quickly find yourself confused and frustrated. Overwhelm sets in, things don’t get done and your business stalls.

Your website isn’t working effectively to build your coaching business, you never update your blog and you rarely email your list because it takes so much time and energy. Your tech is definitely not simplifying your life.

As soon as you realize you don’t have to know all this tech stuff, you can focus on doing the work you know and love. Instead of learning a whole new language, partner with a “translator” that speaks both wellness and tech. That’s what I do!

Imagine what it would be like to have this stuff handled… finally!

  • How would it feel to have a custom branded WordPress website of your own, designed to share your unique message with your target market in your own voice?
  • What would happen if your Facebook page was all set up, ready to go and you actually knew how to use it and felt confident sharing your expertise through social media?
  • What will be different when you start using your blog, building your list and leading webinars?
  • How would it feel to stop doing it alone and have a business expert guiding you to success?
  • Would you sleep better and worry less?
  • Would you have more time to spend with your kids?
  • Would you feel more “together” and professional?

Would you attract more clients and have more fun in your business? Of course you would!

“One of the biggest mistakes wellness pros make is trying to do everything themselves. It just costs you tons in time wasted, money ill spent and opportunities lost. (Not to mention all the aggravation!)

Heather can make your life so much easier and help you fast-track getting your message known. Do yourself and your biz a favor and hire her right now!”

– Karin Witzig Rozell, Wellness Professional Network, Granville, NY

If there’s something in your techie world that you’re just not doing – like sharing your unique message on a professional website of your own, using email marketing to create relationships with your ideal clients, building your community with a Facebook page, sharing your expertise on your blog, getting paid easily by credit card – and you know it’s holding you back from transforming lives and growing your business, let’s talk.

If you’re ready to get serious and partner with an experienced business coach (and former successful health coach) to get clear about your ideal client, find your voice, create unique content, build confidence, charge what you’re worth and launch your great ideas online, take the first step.

If your business is already booming, and you’re ready for the support of a Professional Virtual Assistant, let’s talk.

Discover my Solutions for Every Stage including custom branding, WordPress website design, online marketing strategy, virtual assistant services, social media and private business coaching.

The First Step is Easy

Let’s get started now so you can stop worrying and focus on doing the work you love and having the life you want. Let’s put an end to tech overwhelm and feeling alone in your business. Schedule a Business Breakthrough Session today.

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I look forward to talking with you soon!

To you and your awesome business,
Heather Cottrell, Web Design and Business Coaching for Health Coaches and Holistic Wellness Practitioners

“After just the first two business coaching sessions with Heather I already felt a change in how I saw and treated my New Mama Wellness business. Heather showed me how to focus on one idea and allow it to grow, before adding more offer to my business and especially my website.

Since our work began I have seen my business grow 75% in the last few months and it continues to grow. Not only that, but I’m enjoying my business so much more! (We were on the verge of breaking up before I found Heather!)”

– Sandra Maurer, CD, RYT, WholeBeginnings Holistic Pregnancy and New Mama Wellness, Sioux Falls, SD

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